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Chemo Mouth

Grr. Imagine all your taste buds float away to cancer hell and you are stuck with everything tasting like cardboard. Oh, that includes water. Yep. Sucks. So I decided that I’m going to just try to get through the next … Continue reading

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Summer Bucket List

I was introduced to The Happy Family Movement by my new favorite photographer, Nicole Renee. Even with our busy schedule I think we can do this summer. So here goes, Our Summer Bucket List: 1. Royal’s Baseball Game with the … Continue reading

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My Ode to Coca-Cola

Have you ever noticed what kind of soda people drink and what they call it?  There is Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and then the generic brand.  Some call it “soda”, some call it “pop”, and then there is my family and we … Continue reading

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Suck It Tip Jars

These days many people have so many choices on where to get their morning coffee.  Most days I try to make a pot at home and take some on the road with me but my 45 minute commute sometimes requires more … Continue reading

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