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Suck It Tip Jars

These days many people have so many choices on where to get their morning coffee.  Most days I try to make a pot at home and take some on the road with me but my 45 minute commute sometimes requires more … Continue reading

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The Big 3 (months)

Today my little girl is 3 months old.  Wow.  I remember thinking that I was going to be pregnant forever and that it was the most uncomfortable time of my life.  Well, it was pretty uncomfortable but I can’t even … Continue reading

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The Husband List

I have seen this done in many ways before so I wanted to put my own twist on it.  Many women have their “list” of men they would consider appealing backups.  I’m not sure if everyone should try this but I … Continue reading

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In less than 2 months the best day EVER will be here.  For those of you that are not sports fans, you wouldn’t understand and quite frankly you wouldn’t like me.  The Kansas City Royals home opener is a day … Continue reading

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Another Valentines Day

Maybe it is just me but I think Valentine’s Day is a joke.  I think Flag Day is a much better holiday (wait until my post on Flag Day).  According to Wikipedia: Saint Valentine’s Day, commonly shortened to Valentine’s Day,[1][2][3] … Continue reading

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Smile! You Are Fun Now

Right at 7 weeks Maggie started smiling, non-gas related.  It all happened very random one night while watching television. She was sitting her battery sucking swing and just had this huge grin on her face.  Finally!  Now it doesn’t happen all … Continue reading

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