Mustela, Mustela, Mustela

The Mustela products are great.  I have to be honest, the smell is what hooked me.

Mustela Face Wipes

Maggie’s face was never rashy or super dry but we had her in the middle of a harsh winter and I had to keep her moisturized throughout the day.  Mustela is a little more expensive than the Johnson & Johnson line but so worth it.  Since we are using the Aveeno products mostly on her know I just use the Mustela on her face and have never had a problem with her.  It keeps her moisturized throughout the day so I don’t have to keep putting it on over and over again.

Mustela Face Lotion

Another great product they have are face wipes.  Most baby wipes are not all natural so I don’t use them on her face but the Mustela wipes have also worked well.  Maggie is at that 3 month stage of wiggling around during her bottle so formula ends up everywhere sometimes.  If we are out and about these wipes hydrate her skin and clean her up.  She smells so good.

Mustela Cradle Cap Shampoo

They have all sorts of products that would be great for you or baby.  Target just started to carry it at some of their stores but for a while it was online or Babies R Us. Prices range from $4-$20. They also have a shampoo for cradle cap that we are going to try this week.

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