And then there was Aveeno

Since Maggie was born we have had a little trouble with finding the right bath wash and lotion for her skin type.  I have discovered she has pretty sensitive skin, which is quite common for infants in the first months of life.  We received a little bit of everything at baby showers and my girlfriends had recommended products that had worked for their children.

Aveeno Baby Lotion

Started off with Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo and wash and it seemed to do the trick.  Then we started noticing rashes and super dry skin.  So as a new mom, I call the doctor and she suggests Aquaphor, made by Eucerin.  Not bad but it is super thick.  Still wasn’t doing the trick.  Then there was Aveeno, which is made by Johnson & Johnson, but different ingredients.  I call it the miracle lotion.  She was not diagnosed with eczema but we are using the Baby Aveeno Eczema lotion and body wash and within the matter of day her skin was soft to the touch.  I liked it so much I even switched my lotion.  Make sure you are buying the BABY brand of Aveeno.

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One Response to And then there was Aveeno

  1. lucymclintic says:

    I like Aveeno but Mustela is better – and Cetafil worked well for us with our first.

    Thought I’d just stop by and say hello – thanks for your comment on my blog!


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